Thursday, December 23, 2010

Just Ask for PTW!

With so many Hospitals, doctors offices, and a whole host of others offering Physical Therapy, only one can offer what has been rated the best since 2003 (and for good reason!).

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* 10 Licensed Physical Therapist
* Contributors to research
* Published authors
* Professional athlete experience
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* First Appointments within 24 hours of first phone call

If you need Physical Therapy, JUST ASK your doctor to visit any of PTW's 4 locations.

Its your time, its your body, you deserve the best!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

PTW declares Santa Fit to Fly

Lansdale, Pa—Thousands of years ago, Santa started delivering toys to the deserving children in his big red sled guided by reindeer. Over the many years, Santa has traveled thousands of miles, delivering gifts to the most deserving children. Since all the travel and lifting can wear down a short, stocky body, Santa was certainly due for a checkup. His doctor recommended him to PTW’s Healthy Heart Program, and several days later, Santa started working out under the watchful eyes at of the PTW staff. We are pleased to report that just this morning, after six weeks of supervised exercises, Santa was cleared by his Physician to return to his sled to lift the biggest of toys and slide down the smallest of chimneys!

“When Santa came in just 6 weeks ago, he weighed in at nearly 300 pounds, and his resting heart rate was about 90. This meant his heart was working harder than it should be”, stated Wendy Hafner, DPT, who set up Santa on his first visit. Once evaluated by Dr. Hafner at PTW’s Lansdale office, Santa started his work towards improving his health and cardiac measures. During the 6-week program, Santa worked on the various pieces of exercise equipment utilizing the specialized equipment at the facility. On his last day, Dr. Hafner took Santa’s final measurements and called the doctor with the results. The Doctor was pleased to hear Santa’s weight is now under 275 pounds, and his resting heart rate is below 80. In six short weeks, Santa’s heart just became a little bit healthier.

With his energy level up and his heart stronger than ever, maybe this year Santa will make it home a few hours early to enjoy that Hot Chocolate that Mrs. Clause has waiting for him!