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Monday, May 18, 2015

Physical Therapy Group Practice

A patient mentioned in her testimony last week this comment:

"I went to a smaller practice the last time I needed PT.  There was only one therapist, but therapy was so much better here at PTW .  Here I could come early in the morning, or late at night, and they always had someone helping me.  The Therapist worked with me every time, progressed my routine every visit, and measured progress all the time.  My last therapy place, the therapist never increased my program nor did she ever measure me, only at the end."

This was a great reminder of the opportunities multiple location, larger group practice might offer;
   1.  2 on 1 Therapy;  At PTW, we assign 2 Therapist to your case when you need flexibility in your scheduling.  The two therapist will work in tandem to achieve the goals written

  2.  Progressive plans:  At a private practice in a private location, we practice industry best standards.  Evidence based decisions on your plan, research based education on your problem, and timely communications with the referral sources are our top priorities with your plan. 

  3.  Private locations:  no battle with health club lines, hospital parking lot access, or limited hours available.  Our centers are open for operation from 6:30 am to 8 pm, and even Saturdays.

  4.  Logistics:  not only are we conveiently located near where you live, but you can attend any one of our 5 locations during your treatment.  Attend Lansdale today, West Norriton make it convenient for you.

Bodies under repair, its all we do, its all we breathe.  Give us a call for a tour before you may need us!

Bob Babb, President, PTW

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Tiger Woods can't ask for a better job!

Did anyone see Tiger Woods let his daughter putt for him yesterday?

So cool!

Research from the University of Canterbury and Vanderbilt University shows that fathers provide unique benefits to their daughters through their active and positive presence from birth through adulthood, and can even affect their physical changes.

In Physical Therapy, we spend so much time with our patients, we do affect their physical changes, develop relationships, and make meaningful contributions towards their daily function.  

Like Tiger, as a Father or a Physical Therapist, I Can't ask for a better job!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Two on One Physical Therapy

As a reminder on why we work so hard to assign Two Physical Therapist on each case (instead of one on one), we received this note just this morning!

To the attention of the PTW staff,

              I would like to extend my gratitude to the Physical Therapy and Wellness staff and doctor’s for the incredible level of care I have received over the past month. Through the great care of Dr. Stephen Linton and Dr. Eric Repice I am on an optimistic path to regaining in lifestyle and confidence back..
              After visiting 7 different doctors seeking treatment for my severe and worsening plantar fasciitis I was referred to PTW. For almost 1 year I experienced at points, unbearable pain due to my plantar fasciitis. Beginning in January of 2015 the pain had started to control my life and left me barely able to perform simple daily tasks. In my eyes the progress I have made within the past month of treatment with Dr. Stephen Linton has been astronomical. When I began treatment I could not place my left foot flat on the ground and was on constant severe pain. After one month I rarely think as my feet as painful, I am almost able to perform my normal workout, and am able to have a close to normal lifestyle.
              I wanted to express my gratitude toward everything the employees of PTW have done for me. Every time I walk in the door there is always a warm and inviting atmosphere as well as smile to be shared. My appreciation for the treatment and education Dr. Stephen Linton has provided will never be forgotten.


              Jamie D

PTW announces House Calls

PTW adds House calls to its line of services

The Physical Therapy and Wellness Institute is proud to announce house calls to their growing lines of services.  Staff Physical Therapist and Doctor of Physical Therapy Eric Repice will lead the coordination of services, with potential clients living within 7 miles of any of our 5 PTW locations as eligible.  “I felt as though it was an opportunity to put the PTW quality service brand into our patients homes. Physical Therapists understand how to manage muscle weakness, gait and balance problems, we can discuss medication use, suggest solutions for clients with poor vision, eliminate environmental hazards, even train the caregivers so they don’t suffer an injury. Because of our knowledge base and the brand recognition, the transition to house calls was a pretty simple solution to what the community needs”, stated Dr. Repice.
Robert Babb, PT, MBA, president of the Physical Therapy & Wellness Institute, states, “The research points to some startling facts about falls in the home. The prevalence of falls is higher among adults greater than 45 years old if you have arthritis.  Since the 50 year old baby boomers show higher more rapid growth in arthritis than any other group, combined with the understanding that falls account for over 20% of all emergency room visits, it becomes our mission to help folks reduce falls not just in the clinic, but where they happen in the home”. 

The House Call program combines the fall risk and safety assessment tools (Safe Call), the care giver training tools and training (Safe Call), with traditional house calls before or after surgery to help folks get out of the house and into the community quickly (House Calls).  The three phase program is designed to provide patients quicker access to progressive therapy services, to foster independence to reduce falls and educate on safety in the home, and in turn reducing the need for future medical services. 

The PTW House Call program is available to anyone who has experienced a fall, to a care giver that needs help understanding how to help, or to folks in need of in home Physical Therapy services to restore their independence.   

You can call 215 855 9871 for to schedule a house call visit today. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Translation Frustration in healthcare

From the magazine "Scientific American", March 2015, we learn this,

Two Internet interpreters tested Google translate's abilities with 10 common American medical phrases. Phrases such as "your husband had a heart attack", "your wife is stable", and "your wife needs to be ventilated" were tested to translate into 26 different languages.

As an example, "your husband had a heart attack" was translated in several languages as your "husband's heart was attacked". "Your wife need to be ventilated" with translated to "your wife needs to be aired".

The Message to the Physical Therapist in me;

Careful to what you say to what you think you said.
Careful to how you say what you say.

Sometimes the folks around you may think they heard different than what you intended, and giving what we do as Physical Therapist, its important to communicate your message with simplicity, transparency, while getting affirmation of your message.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Your Rights to Move Forward

With the snow coming down again, 
we have been receiving many calls about getting back to PTW for joint or spine pain. 
Here are your rights.....
AT PTW, you can exercise...........your rights!
1.  Exercise your right to choose your own physical therapy provider.     
You have to go somewhere else for Physical Therapy?   
You may have been told you have to go to therapy at your doctors office, at your chiropractors office, or where your work wants you to.  
If you want to come to PTW, chances are, you can.
Participating in over 375 insurance plans helps us stay connected to providers and to the patients that need our care.  Call us, we call them, and we call you back to let you know of your benefits at PTW.
2.  Exercise your right to choose Physical Therapy first!
Injured in the past?  
You can return to the PTW your familiar with, and don’t need another prescription!
If you have experienced similar pain to the same joint, or area of the spine, you can come to PTW without incurring the costs of return doctor visits, the costs of time waiting for the doctor to see you, or even the costs associated with further diagnostic testing that may reveal nothing new.
PTW has earned the privilege of providing care to our customers for the first 30 days without having to see a doctor first, and there is no prescription required.  After your fist visit with us, we communicate with your doctor, saving you time and money. 
Exercise your insurance right, you work hard for it.
Call us at 215 855 9871 for more information, questions, or to schedule an appointment.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Engaged Bedside Manners

Reading the Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine this morning about clinical decision making with Low Back Pain, I couldn't help but smile about the age-old clinical prediction rules. 

As important as they are in helping guide us towards helping you (the patient) achieve improved performance, we often forget our bedside manners (listening, communication, etc). 

The 2008, he Archives of Internal Medicine published a Northwest University’s School of Medicine study on patients’ preferences of exam room etiquette vs. the actual reality (they videotaped film on doctors behaviors). 

The results were not so good.  

In more than half of all doctor/patient visits, doctors did not mention patients’ during the entire visit.

As Physical Therapists, we cannot exist if we are that bad at engaging.  In fact, an argument could be made that engagement is the polar opposite of burnout, a Physical Therapist that won't listen, won't show emotion, or micromanages care without direction and purpose.

In our world of Physical Therapy, we take pride in our ability to listen, to understand, to re-phrase what you (the patient) tells us, because its our duty.  

Physical Therapist pride themselves on this area, because in general, the health care industry is not as good at it.

At PTW, we believe in our abilities to Educate, Engage, and Empower.  What we call engaged, you may call beside manner. 

Our research about predictive rules may help direct us towards appropriate care, but our empathy, communication, involvement, will often pay bigger dividend to our customers and get us a better high five when their care is completed.