Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Free Assessments: Shopping Shoulder

Shopping Shoulder season is a time at the Physical Therapy & Wellness Institute that keeps us busy.

See the reporter advertisement on shopping Shoulder:


Each year, we offer complimentary shoulder screenings, a simple assessment of your shoulder flexibility, strength, and functional mobility.

Each year we offer suggestions to folks who suffer from pain, or simply just want to make sure their shoulder is well protected.

Although its called shopping shoulder, its not just about the vigor's of picking up bags, reaching and wrapping gifts, pulling 20 lb turkeys out if the oven, and many other "seasonal" shoulder alignments, but its about anyone who this time of year may have some shoulder concerns.

Others who we see this time of year include:

  • Baseball players coming off fall ball, now entering into their "active rest" period
  • Volleyball players coming off their school season, just as their club seasons start
  • Merchandise workers stocking shelves and re-aligning stores for the holidays
  • Warehouse workers busy getting out product to the retail outlets

This year at PTW, we are prepared for whatever limits your shoulder offers you, and we are prepared to help you understand how to get it ready for the busy time of year ahead.

5 clinics, 13 providers, open early (6 am), staying late (8 pm),  in order to help all needing "Bodies Under Repair" TM