Monday, May 18, 2015

Physical Therapy Group Practice

A patient mentioned in her testimony last week this comment:

"I went to a smaller practice the last time I needed PT.  There was only one therapist, but therapy was so much better here at PTW .  Here I could come early in the morning, or late at night, and they always had someone helping me.  The Therapist worked with me every time, progressed my routine every visit, and measured progress all the time.  My last therapy place, the therapist never increased my program nor did she ever measure me, only at the end."

This was a great reminder of the opportunities multiple location, larger group practice might offer;
   1.  2 on 1 Therapy;  At PTW, we assign 2 Therapist to your case when you need flexibility in your scheduling.  The two therapist will work in tandem to achieve the goals written

  2.  Progressive plans:  At a private practice in a private location, we practice industry best standards.  Evidence based decisions on your plan, research based education on your problem, and timely communications with the referral sources are our top priorities with your plan. 

  3.  Private locations:  no battle with health club lines, hospital parking lot access, or limited hours available.  Our centers are open for operation from 6:30 am to 8 pm, and even Saturdays.

  4.  Logistics:  not only are we conveiently located near where you live, but you can attend any one of our 5 locations during your treatment.  Attend Lansdale today, West Norriton make it convenient for you.

Bodies under repair, its all we do, its all we breathe.  Give us a call for a tour before you may need us!

Bob Babb, President, PTW