Thursday, August 27, 2015

Concussion Season is open!

Fall sports brings us a busy time for us helping folks manage concussions.  From our in house expert at our Lansdale Physical Therapy Center...Dr. Jackie Yee...

Alert! Signs and symptoms of a concussion!
Traumatic brain injuries are a growing concern in America.   

From the CDC Heads up program, we get the following; A concussion is considered a mild traumatic brain injury is may be caused by an external force that directly contacts the head.  The direct impact of a solid object to the head may result in either a blunt or penetrating injury, which causes stress and strain to the components of the brain.

Seek medical attention IMMEDIATELY if you notice: 1
·        Headaches that get worse
·        Abnormal muscle weakness, poor coordination or numbness
·        Continuous complaints of nausea or vomiting
·        Slurred speech

What is the importance of physical therapy?   

Part of our profession is to determine if an athlete is a candidate for physical therapy to address symptom management, musculoskeletal limitations, and coordination in order to return to prior level of function.  Specific oculomotor, balance and musculoskeletal screens would be performed to determine whether the athlete is appropriate for physical therapy or whether the athlete should be referred to a specialist for further testing. 
Feel free to come to the office to pick up an information sheet about concussion or make an appointment for a consult to see if your athlete may be a candidate of physical therapy. 

Jackie Yee PT,  DPT, Cert MDT, Vestibular and Concussion Expert