Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Say "NO" to 6 More Weeks of PAIN!


We learned from Bill Murry in Groundhog Day that if you keep doing the same thing, expect the same results.  Folks with chronic pain often know this feeling, attempting some of life’s simplest activities only to have a joint pain or back attack, year after year.

Other than these 9 athletes http://healthguides.healthgrades.com/article/9-famous-athletes-who-overcame-arthritis )  , We know there are about 100 million folks out there with chronic pain, causing loss of work, recreation, and functional abilities sometimes for years.  Chronic pain can be severe, intermittent, and usually is defined as pain > 6 months. 
Common sources of chronic pain include joint pain, often from arthritis, tendonitis, labral tears, and meniscus tears.  The pain that occurs radiates from the joint or spine, creating a “cause and effect” cascade that affects the muscles (weakens), the joint space (narrows it), or the tendons (shortens, stiffer), all affecting function.  At some point, folks need to change routines, activities, to break out of the “degenerative cascade” of chronic pain.

That’s where a professional can help.

Hands on manual techniques!
In our clinics, we often will help folks having challenges managing chronic pain, often our hands, modalities, and education.  Understanding the cause is often as important as treating the pain. Movement is the common theme in the article mentioned above, as experts of movement sciences, Physical Therapists can help! 

Call us today for a break in the cascade of chronic pain. 

Robert Babb, PT, MBA
Bob is the founder and President of The Physical Therapy & Wellness Institute. He is a licensed Physical Therapist with over 33 years of experience in the
Physical Therapy field, starting as a Physical Therapist technician/assistant in
 the U.S Navy in 1983. Bob has lectured nationally the business of physical therapy
 and has authored numerous industry articles on the subjects of aquatic therapy,
orthopedic skills, and management principles.  He is a graduate of Temple University,
and served 6 years in various physical therapy centers while in the United States Navy.
 Since 2002, his work at PTW has helped the team treat over 25,000 new patients,
open five locations, and employ over 45 local residents.