Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Would you talk about Physical Therapy????

Small business thrives only if there is "Talk" in the community of positive experiences. At PTW, 43% of our patients were referred from family or friends in 2009, a very encouraging number considering the pain we inflict!

Other positive numbers:

98% of the 1600 new patinets gave us a "I would refer a family member or friend" grade

92% were rehabilitated or improved with their functional status as a result of Physical Therapy

The average patinet attended 10 visits for each diagnosis in 2009

PTW offered over $9,000.00 in customer attendance rewards in 2009, rewarding patinets for attending 3 times a week with coupons, free tickets, or cash awards.

With so much on the line when you are in pain, we recognize the need to make your experience with us a postive and motivational one. We will continue to work towards improving our performance with this goal in 2010!

Happy New Year! As always, here is hope for good health to all of you!

Robert Babb, PT, MBA