Friday, January 15, 2010


This time of year, I crave the cold weather. Walking in a thick pile of fresh snow on my way to the ski slope is a little piece of serenity and peace not found in our day to day lives.

Skiing and snowboarding have become a favorite pastime for many Americans., although these sometimes demanding sports can cause injury. Poorly conditioned skiers and boarders may fatigue and unusual positions of their body in space, potentially causing injury. Before heading out to the slopes, consider the following:

1. An aerobic conditioning program 2 to 4 weeks before the first winter trip. A goal of 30 minutes of biking, elliptical, stepper, or slide board is ideal.

2. Strengthening your legs. Weak quads may cause one to assume a straightened knee posture, which, in turn renders the knee more vulnerable to injury. A twice-a-week leg strengthening program can yield appreciable strength gains for the entire thigh. Stronger legs not only mean less injury, but also will allow one to stay on the slopes longer.

3. Core exercises. Working your core body will keep you upright longer, permitting your body to stay safe once you get into awkward stances, common in boarding and skiing.

Thinking of getting into ski shape? Call PTW first, where our team of professionals can get you in tip-top form.

Now go ahead, take a deep breath….ahh, the cold air filling your lungs makes you feel so alive! Get out on these winter days and enjoy the chill in the air, today and all winter season.

Robert Babb, PT, MBA