Friday, October 1, 2010

Distinctly Professional

Often, I am asked how we maintain successful business (9 Years) with a terrific reputation (rated Best Physical Therapy since 2003), in a town with wicked competition (6 Physical Therapy practices within 3 miles).

Without a day to explain, I usually answer a simple "we have a terrific, professional staff that remains dedicated to the process of delivering evidence based, individualized, and empathetic care that no one else delivers". Truth is, there is more to it than that. For instance:

1. Our staff is the only staff that asks your expectations of your experience at PTW BEFORE you commit your time with us.

2. We are not a one Therapist shop, trying to treat all patients the same way without regard to their goals. We have a professional group of 8 Physical Therapists (with cumulative 83 years of experience) that work to deliver services (Physical Therapy, Wellness, and Fitness) to our customers by listening to their goals.

3. We have 430 doctors who have referred to us since 2002, and the majority of them we have met, and talked to at length about their patients and our services.

4. We remain committed to our community, providing free lectures and talks to the elementary schools, high schools, local community events. and professional clubs (26 in 2010 to date). We are the founders and organizers of the Broad Street ReRun, which to date has raised over $75,000.00 for the DelVal National Hemophilia Foundation.

5. Our professional staff of Physical Therapists are dedicated to learning, and it shows! Each of our staff are members of the American Physical Therapy Association, keeping up to date with the latest research and information. Most have earned the privilege of direct access referrals, meaning you don't need a prescription to go see them.

You see, its more complicated than what I can articulate in a short statement. PTW is proud of the work we have contributed towards our patients, in the community, and in our profession. We will remain dedicated to our mission, and hope if you have any type of joint, neck, or back pain, you can experience our unique delivery of care sometime soon!

Robert Babb, PT, MBA