Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Good foods, good joints

If you logged onto Comcast this morning, you may have seen a link for a video of healthy foods that are good for your joint pain.
Here is the link:

The staff at PTW has assembled a 12 page book labeled "10 Things To Do Today to Help Your Joint Pain". Feel free to drop by any time for a compimentary booklet. Topics covered are foods to eat, habits to form, equipment to use, exercise to do, and a whole lot more.
While your at it, have one of our licensed Physical Therapists take a look at your painful joint. It our belief that 78 million folks in this country (baby boomers) will soon be suffering from joint pain, if they don't already do. As ENABLERS, Physical Therapists at PTW will do whatever it takes to educate, instruct, recommend, and guide you towards higher levels of function and performance, avoiding the disabling recommendations made by many of those in the healthcare chain. Its a move it or lose it mentality, but moving it right!

Robert Babb
The Physical Therapy & Wellness Institute