Friday, April 8, 2011

Difference in Opinions (Physical Therapy vs. Family doctors)

Family docs have your best interest in mind, Physical Therapist (PT) have your movement and mobility interest in mind.

For example: When you say:

"I have pain"

Doc says: Don't do it

PT says: Do it a different way

or, When you say:

"I sprained my back"

Doc says: Rest it

PT says: Active rest it

or even, When you say:

"I sprained my knee"

Doc says: Immobilize it

PT says: Quad set it, if pain free, couple thousand a day

Who is right??? Both are. Your doctor expects a joint to heal, a Physical Therapist expects you to heal while you are maintaining or restoring your function.

Call a PT today for your ache, injury, or surgical recovery.

Robert Babb, PT, MBA

The Physical Therapy & Wellness Institute