Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Foot Pain Gotcha waving the white flag???

First step in the mornings causing you to jump? The pain in the bottom of your foot severe enough you can’t walk around the home without shoes? Good chance, its the ol heel spurs or plantar fasciitis syndromes, both painful conditions that affect your quality of life.

Because many folks may be living with a heel spur, which may or may not be painful, treatment for this “Painful Foot Syndrome” is often the same at the conservative level, then more focused if conservative treatment fails.

Conservative treatment may include active rest, part of which may mean identifying the activity that causes the pain the most and eliminating it from your routine for several weeks or months. As an example, if running on the treadmill has become painful, change your routine to elliptical conditioning.

Also, worn down or old (greater than 3 to 6 months) running sneaks or daily shoes may warrant a closer look into your shoe wear and foot function. Physical Therapists, podiatrists, and even running store personal can differentiate difficulties with both the front and rear portions of your foot. They can recommend shoe orthotics or inserts that may offer more support to imbalances in your foot. Or it may be something simple as reaching into your wallet and getting a new pair!

Self-treatment may include a variety of modalities including ice (10 minutes after activity and up to 10 times a day), heat (Consider foot warmers!) and self-stretching, foot massage, and warm baths. Physical Therapy research suggests the use of nighttime splints (which keep a low grade stretch to your foot) may help.

Finally, physical therapy can help with modalities of ultrasound, electrical stimulation, manual mobilizations and stretching, and identifying underlying imbalances that may be causing this problem. Physical Therapists are trained in musculoskeletal evaluations, biomechanics and dysfunction with movement.

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