Friday, May 20, 2011

Ouch! Joint pain adversity creates Opportunity.

As a businessman and Physical Therapist, I often ask folks to look at joint pain as an opportunity. Here is what I mean.

In business, there is always opportunity in the face of adversity. As an example, GE suffered from a slump in sales during the early 70s until the roll out of the microwave oven. Chrysler Auto almost went belly up in the 80s, bailed out by the government and energized with new leadership, became the textbook example of how to seek opportunity in the face of adversity.

In Physical Therapy, we challenge assumptions. To say its joint pain "because I'm just getting old" diminishes your opportunity to maintain an active, independent, and pain-free lifestyle.

Guess What? Your joint pain is your bodies communication system screaming "Opportunity". Your brain teaches right from wrong, informing your brain of movements to avoid. Perfect time to do a self S.W.O.T of your joint!

For example, a man recently in our clinic with plantar fasciitis:

Strength: His other foot! All other joints in good shape right now!
Weakness: He can't walk without immobilization of my left foot.
Opportunity: Insurance covers a doctor appointment and Physical Therapy
Threat: If I ignored, vulnerable knee, surgically repaired years ago, will act up (again!).

He went to the doctor last night, took much anticipated x-ray, learned more about his specific foot (also with heel spur, tendonitis, and mile OA), and starting active PT us.

Next week, he returns to running! He took advantage of the opportunity to see a specialist after assuming for the last 6 months he could work through it. Self S.W.O.T created his opportunity, and now he is on the road to recovery.

Robert Babb, PT, MBA