Friday, June 17, 2011

Lansdale Physical Therapy - Live to Learn

An old saying goes "If you live to learn, you learn to live"

Live to learn by your mistakes, make change, alter your route, then you learn to live!

Like this guys physical performance, do you have joint pain when you run?

Try: Run with new sneakers. Still no change.
Try: Run on softer surface, or the other side of the road? Still has joint pain after running.
Try: Run with less intensity, less speed, shorten your stride. Still has joint pain after running.
Try: Run on a treadmill. Still has joint pain.
Try: Running in water. No joint pain.

This fellow did 2 weeks of running in the water, each day followed by land exercises for strengthening the quads, hams, and hip musculature.

Then 2 weeks of EFX at 120 to 150 strides per minute, levels 8 through 12, with land exercises as above.

Then 2 weeks of running at 4 mph to 6 mph on the treadmill, land exercises.

Then returning to road running, 60% of previous performance, building up 5% each week.

No joint pain.

This fella lived to learn, and as a result, learned to live life to its fullest! Back running.