Monday, August 22, 2011

Consumerism = Choice

Old health care was passive. For instance, years ago, our parents may have:

- Visited their doctor when they were sick
- Visit the providers that the doctor referred them to
- Been loyal to the doctor

Today's health care is active, requiring you to participate in your care, take care of yourself, and be your own health care advocate. For instance, you may decide:

- To take a educated, holistic approach towards your sickness, treating it yourself.
- Decide to visit a health care provider different than that your doctor recommended

- Decide to change doctors based on various factors (specializations, location, etc)

Consumerism in health care is choice. Customers (patients) will chose their health care services based on location, word of mouth recommendations, brand recognition, and a whole lot more. Those organizations that strive for industries best standards, keep their business line simple, and provide direct benefit to their customers with a fair and reasonable price will continue to prosper, no matter how challenging the economy may be.

At PTW, we will constantly and consistently work towards the holy grail...exceeding our customers expectations each and every visit.

Robert Babb, PT, MBA