Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Soft Skills

From our customers, I often hear complements about the PTW staff. Phrases like "They are great people", "They work so hard", to "They listen and work together so well". Sometimes they go on to say, "You must have trained them well".

Truth is, we don't train a bit on the soft skills of our employees. Soft skills are what get you hired. Soft skills get you far, and separate you in a crowd.

This weekends Philadelphia Inquire referenced soft skills in this past weekends classified section. Summarized from several articles, soft skills that separate strong employees from others include:

1. Networking :

All employees ability to "spread the word" is crucial to an organizations success, and their own. All employees should be part of the organizations outreach!

2. Enthusiasm:

People excited about life will be excited about the organization.

3. Communications:

Ability to "Listen", ability to utilize human and physical resources correctly.

4. Teamwork :
How the group intuitively works with each other, ability to finish each others sentences!

5. Conflict Resolution Working through difficult situations together, seeing problems through your customers eyes.

6. Critical Thinking

Analyzing and striving for "best practices" results into critical thinking.

7. Problem solving

Solve difficult situations methodically and consistently with company principles in mind.

At PTW, we have the best of what PT has to offer. What differentiates PTW employees from others?

Its the soft skills the staff obtains from their past histories (THANKS Moms and Dads!), and their past experiences that get them in the door.

Robert Babb, PT, MBA