Monday, March 18, 2013

Every customer, every visit: Great Physical Therapy

Had to share this testimony! 

The difference between a content customer ("its good service at PTW") and an excitable customer ("its great service at PTW") is they help spread the word.
Great outcomes, great visits, great team!

Dear Mr. Babb,

I have been attending the Physical Therapy location in West Norriton for about 8 weeks.  Please indulge me for a minute.  I have been in the customer service field in one manner or another since 1984.  I have worked with internal and external customers.  I have created methods to increase customer service levels.

That said; I would like to congratulate you for putting together an awesome team at the West Norriton location.  I understand Jim is a partner and you could not have selected a better person.  My experience (in addition to therapy) has been a great experience.  I would certainly in a heartbeat recommend this location.  The team of Jim, Wendy, Crystal, Andrea and Marissa has been outstanding.  I hope my time there is coming to an end, strictly because I want to get physically better.  I can continue to drop in and see the team on my own.  I just want my physical wellness to be better as does the team. 

I must say, they are all very welcoming, accommodating, energetic, thorough and to me very important humorous but not over the top.  I am the caregiver for my father (85) and know the importance of caring for older people.  I see how everyone works with people of all ages and they are wonderful.  They certainly give older people the confidence and security they need. 

I cannot say enough about the crew at West Norriton.  I understand Wendy will be working at the Lansdale facility when she finishes school.  Jim and Wendy worked with me and not only can they perform their tasks professionally.  They take the time to understand your requirements by asking the right questions.  They engage in excellent conversation to make your visit that much more interesting. 

Please feel free to share my thoughts or contact me!

Cheers,  Rob S