Friday, March 8, 2013

Sport Conditioning at PTW

PTW sport conditioning is designed with the Athlete in mind.

Simply put, proven protocols are utilized to work the athlete hard in 4 fundamental skills every athlete needs for success;

1.  Speed
2.  Agility
3.  Strength
4.  Power

The picture below is an example of what PTW Sport Conditioning can do for you.  Pictures are taking before starting the 6 week program, and after.  During the first visit, the Physical Therapist noticed the athletes landing with knees in valgus (knock knees), an age old Physical Therapist concern..landing like this leads to increased knee injuries.

With focused training, rapport with the athlete (understanding his strengths, weaknesses, goals and expectations), and a whole lot of education....6 weeks later his is landing without the concerns we had on day one.

Great job PTW West Nor Crew!!!