Wednesday, April 8, 2015

PTW announces House Calls

PTW adds House calls to its line of services

The Physical Therapy and Wellness Institute is proud to announce house calls to their growing lines of services.  Staff Physical Therapist and Doctor of Physical Therapy Eric Repice will lead the coordination of services, with potential clients living within 7 miles of any of our 5 PTW locations as eligible.  “I felt as though it was an opportunity to put the PTW quality service brand into our patients homes. Physical Therapists understand how to manage muscle weakness, gait and balance problems, we can discuss medication use, suggest solutions for clients with poor vision, eliminate environmental hazards, even train the caregivers so they don’t suffer an injury. Because of our knowledge base and the brand recognition, the transition to house calls was a pretty simple solution to what the community needs”, stated Dr. Repice.
Robert Babb, PT, MBA, president of the Physical Therapy & Wellness Institute, states, “The research points to some startling facts about falls in the home. The prevalence of falls is higher among adults greater than 45 years old if you have arthritis.  Since the 50 year old baby boomers show higher more rapid growth in arthritis than any other group, combined with the understanding that falls account for over 20% of all emergency room visits, it becomes our mission to help folks reduce falls not just in the clinic, but where they happen in the home”. 

The House Call program combines the fall risk and safety assessment tools (Safe Call), the care giver training tools and training (Safe Call), with traditional house calls before or after surgery to help folks get out of the house and into the community quickly (House Calls).  The three phase program is designed to provide patients quicker access to progressive therapy services, to foster independence to reduce falls and educate on safety in the home, and in turn reducing the need for future medical services. 

The PTW House Call program is available to anyone who has experienced a fall, to a care giver that needs help understanding how to help, or to folks in need of in home Physical Therapy services to restore their independence.   

You can call 215 855 9871 for to schedule a house call visit today.