Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Two on One Physical Therapy

As a reminder on why we work so hard to assign Two Physical Therapist on each case (instead of one on one), we received this note just this morning!

To the attention of the PTW staff,

              I would like to extend my gratitude to the Physical Therapy and Wellness staff and doctor’s for the incredible level of care I have received over the past month. Through the great care of Dr. Stephen Linton and Dr. Eric Repice I am on an optimistic path to regaining in lifestyle and confidence back..
              After visiting 7 different doctors seeking treatment for my severe and worsening plantar fasciitis I was referred to PTW. For almost 1 year I experienced at points, unbearable pain due to my plantar fasciitis. Beginning in January of 2015 the pain had started to control my life and left me barely able to perform simple daily tasks. In my eyes the progress I have made within the past month of treatment with Dr. Stephen Linton has been astronomical. When I began treatment I could not place my left foot flat on the ground and was on constant severe pain. After one month I rarely think as my feet as painful, I am almost able to perform my normal workout, and am able to have a close to normal lifestyle.
              I wanted to express my gratitude toward everything the employees of PTW have done for me. Every time I walk in the door there is always a warm and inviting atmosphere as well as smile to be shared. My appreciation for the treatment and education Dr. Stephen Linton has provided will never be forgotten.


              Jamie D