Thursday, June 9, 2016

Running Season = Running Injuries, We have Solutions!

There are a whole lot of us in need of recovery and some treatment with running season upon us, especially with the biggest run in the Philadelphia area, The Broad Street Run, a month behind us! (The first Broad Street Run was in 1980 with 1,576 runners growing to over 40,000 runners in 2012)
Marathons have also exploded in popularity. The first Boston Marathon was in 1897 with only 18 runners. The New York City Marathon in 1971 had 137 runners growing to over 46,500 runners in 2011 and had over 93,000 applicants.
According to a Satterthwaite et al. study in 1999, the injury rate may be as high as 90% for runners training for a marathon. The five most common injuries for runners are patellofemoral pain syndrome, iliotibial band syndrome, plantar fasciitis, tibial stress syndrome, and meniscal injury.(Taunton et al. 2002). 
One thing that's true of runners is that we are crazy about running, and will take a break only when absolutely necessary. Even when we are banged up, we try to figure out a way to keep going. One of the best ways to do this is to continue with cardiovascular training without the repetitive pounding and compressive forces on our bodies.

Crystal Burnick, Broad Street Run Winner pictured above.
Trained & rehabbed on the Alter G.
The Alter-G, anti gravity treadmill, is an amazing way to do just that! It will allow you to get
back on your feet by decreasing the stress on tendons and muscle and with decrease the joint reaction forces through weight bearing surfaces. If you are struggling with one of these five common injuries listed above, or struggling with something completely different, do yourself a favor and look up the Alter-G at the The Physical Therapy and Wellness institute (PTW). PTW has an Alter-G in three of our five locations. They are located in Glenside, West Norriton and now Montgomeryville. 

Call us up, or stop in for a visit and take a free test run and experience the difference. Do your body a favor and take care of it as you have those summer and even fall runs in mind. Make sure that you will be ready run and injury free.