Thursday, November 17, 2016

Pain Free November

No Pain November!

    Don’t put off being in pain like men put off shaving in November!

Acute pain or pain that has lasted less than 3 months is generally much easier to treat then if you let it become chronic (3-6 mos)!

Many studies show that, “There was a lower risk of subsequent medical service usage among patients who received PT early after an episode of acute low back pain relative to those who received PT at later times.”2  

Studies also show that, “With chronic pain, one's nervous system is sometimes altered, making it more sensitive to pain. As a result, painful sensations might feel more severe and last longer.”1

Whether its back pain, neck pain, you rolled your ankle walking the dog, or you’re having frequent headaches, Physical Therapy can help!!

Don’t keep suffering in pain through the holiday season, schedule an appointment to get some pain relief and have an enjoyable holiday season!

 PTW’s Stephanie McDougal, PT, DPT is the Clinical Supervisor at our Souderton clinic. She provides expert clinical care and is a vestibular/concussion specialist. For an initial evaluation, call Steph at 215 855 1160 today for an appointment as soon as possible!

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