Monday, November 28, 2016

Thankful for YOU!


With the Thanksgiving spirit in the air, I am especially thankful for the men and women that we get to serve on a daily basis!  It is both a joy and privilege to help patients rehabilitate through pain, sweat, and at times even tears  in order to reap the benefits and rewards of a better lifestyle with less pain and improved function. 

Celebrating the joy of performing stairs for the first time after a total knee replacement, throwing a ball with their son for the first time after surgery, and being able to get their coat on pain-free, are all celebrations within the past week that I have been able to share with my patients. PTW is especially thankful for you, our patients, our celebrations, our friends!

PTW's Tyler Haggerty is the Clinical Supervisor at Glenside For an initial evaluation, call Tyler at 215.887.2001 today for an appointment as soon as possible no prescription needed!