Monday, January 2, 2017

Joint Health must items to do; Its about you!

Getting your joints healthy is directly proportional to your healthy mind, so consider some of the habits below from the experts who recommend them;

Your Joint Health is about you making change in 2017
Put down the Mobile phone:

The mobile phone creates "Technoference" with the folks you work with, your live with, folks in your community, interferes with new relationships, and weakens the quality and quantity of our face to face communications.  Pull out stamps for notes of gratitude, go see a concert with an old friend, even stop a neighbor at their mailbox to say hello.

Exercise for the fun of it 

Fit bits, computers, and personal trainers have increased our reporting measures on exercise, creating improved accountability for ones own personal health.  When it gets stale or you feel you need a break, , just get outside (cold or warm!) to have some fun.  Walking in fresh snow, in the rain, or on a super hot day excites your senses,  renews our spirits, brings back youth, and creates new ideas.

Get back to simplicity in eating

Starting a diet in January will help you maybe lose weight, but changing your life lenses may help you more.  Lifestyle change runs hand in hand with diet, and will help with successful long term health and weight maintenance.  For example, the simpler the food, the less the ingredients in what you eat becomes part of your lifestyle, rather than counting calories.  Forget the corn syrup, drive by fast food joints, drop the bleached foods, and eat to live instead of living to eat.

Meet more people

Meeting new people develops new relationships, builds confidence, expands your network, gives you fresh ideas, and builds your communication skills...all while having fun and being yourself!

Of course, some personalities clash, where relationships never build. That is OK, some folks assess your over a brief period of time.  They say it takes less than 30 seconds for folks to assess weather they like you or not (some say 7 seconds), so chances are the more people you meet, the more that may like you, the more you can do business with, or into your network of friends and colleagues!

Stand up more

We are sitting to return text, write emails, work from home at our desks, taking seats more at work.  In short, we were meant to be locomotive, so stand up when you can.  Get a stand up work station or desk that can raise when you want to stand.  Positive effects are well noted on reducing your weight,  in your on your cardiovascular system, blood glucose levels, joint health, reduction in back pain, and a whole lot more