Thursday, March 24, 2011

What Opraha Forgot! (You can't control it)

Today, Oprah listed 7 things no one tells you about ageing.

She covers the facts:

1. More hair on your face (and guys in their nose and ears!)
2. Your hair on your head thins (Not a problem with some who lost it at 20!)
3. Your Eyebrows become sparse (My wife can save time from plucking!)
4. Your nose and ears keep growing (remember George Burns? What ears!)
5. Your teeth become more prominent (why don't older people get braces then?)
6. Your hands get spotted (and face)
7. Your feet become Gnarly (YUK!)

Morale of the story?
These are all things we can not control.

So, control your own health. Eat well, exercise plenty, laugh at yourself, find a hobby, discover passion in your job, have faith, and then you too can enjoy watching the 7 things about ageing that you cannot control. With good health and some luck (stay away from moving trains!), you can watch Oprah's ageing happen on you!