Friday, October 28, 2011

Are You Kidding Me: SNOW!

Snowmen coming early this year I suppose.

Top Three things to remember for tomorrow and Sunday:

1. Use a plow shovel If you can. These specialty shovels are available at your local hardware store, and work well with the lighter snow less than 4 inches deep. As you push the snow (plow), push it with the shovel on an angle, plowing the snow off to one side without ever having to pick up the shovel.

2. Cutting the load in half is a way to protect your back from the heavy torque on your back. The further the shovel is away from your body, the more stress is placed on your back. Lighten the load and keep the load close to you, flicking the snow off the shovel instead of throwing it far from your center of gravity.

3. Shovel in short bursts. Your back will benefit from frequent rests, protecting it from overuse. Two clear tracks on the driveway to the street is often enough to get your car out and get you to work.

OK folks, I see the clouds coming in now. Lets get ready to go get em, and do just that!

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Robert Babb, PT, MBA