Monday, October 17, 2011

Rake .....away back pain!

Wow, have you seen the fall foliage this year?

Beautiful as it may seem, its not when your back hurts and you have to rake the leaves on a cool windy day!

Raking can cause stress and strain on muscles and joints, especially for seniors or those who are normally sedentary. The shoulders, back, neck and knees are prime targets.

Following these tips can help you minimize the risk of injury:

1. Warm up first.
A brisk walk with your spouse, your favorite pet, or your neighbor will do.

2. Light stretches might help!

Try stretches (1, 2, 28, 29, 56 and many others) located at

Also, consider a lumbar support if your back is weak or sore (see example, no. 71,

Other Things to remember:

Move the right way: Lead with your feet, this will limit your twisting

Use knee pads, a long handled shovel when able, and consider a garden cart or wagon

Take it easy, take frequent breaks!

If you experience pain or may not be sure of what to do, contact us to schedule some time with one of our licensed Physical Therapists.

PTW—Physical Therapy & Wellness Institute—has been offering quality care for those recovering from injuries, surgeries, muscle traumas and skeletal disorders since 2002. PTW also offers pre-operative conditioning, as well as medically based exercise and sports training services. With locations in Lansdale, Quakertown, Montgomeryville, and West Norriton, PTW offers convenient, quality care provided by a team of 10 licensed physical therapists. Their facilities feature state of the art exercise equipment and a large AQUATIC CENTER in Lansdale.

Many of PTW's Physical Therapists have earned the priveledge to practice with direct access (NO REFERRAL NEEDED), so that clients may contact them directly without a referral from a physician.

PTW has been recognized nationally for their outstanding programs and services. Locally, PTW has been voted as the best Physical Therapy Practice by readers of The Reporter and Philadelphia Inquirer, and was awarded the Chamber of Commerces Business of the year in 2008.

For more information on PTW, visit their website at: or call us at
(215) 855-9871.