Thursday, October 6, 2011

FAIL FIRST therapy for those with chronic conditions?

See this video on managing chronic pain and conditions.

Insurance companies decisions in these situations promote many things both physically and mentally, none very positive for those with legitimate pain.

1. Physically, a wasting of soft tissue. This includes muscles that support joints, diminishing an affected person's function. There are hundreds of sub points here.

2. Mentally, it promotes a "FEAR AVOIDANCE" affect, well documented in our literature as the fear of moving during or after a painful episode. Picture keeping your elbow in a sling because it hurts, then taking it out of the sling 2 weeks later to have a catch with your son. You lose strength, length, and function of the muscles, joints, and supporting structures.

How about those with blood disorders? Lets take the Hemophilia affected, were now talking about possibly taking a life if the medications don't work during a bleed! I am familiar with some doctors would not permit this to happen to these type of patients.
The difficulty with the Chronic pain group, the insurance companies often state it is because pain is sometimes psycho-somatic, and pain is subjective, so there is no real way to measure it.

Seems any form of FAIL FIRST therapy regimens place the decisions in the insurance companies board rooms, not in the doctors mind and prescription pad.

Robert Babb, PT, MBA