Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Phils Spirit Raises Performance

Years ago, the Phillies were the laughing stock of the National League.  Teams put together over the winter with free agents won World Series', the Yankees always seemed to be in the playoffs, while by August Philly fans were more focused on Eagles training camp than the Phillie's September swoon.

This hometown-team baseball apathy no doubt left me in a sour mood.  As a season ticket holder, it was drudgery just making my way down the expressway into the stadium to watch a team that didn't seem to care play without passion in their final months of the season. A painful process was made more painful by the fact the food was overpriced and cold, the stadium only partially filled, and the management was calling us a small market.

Fortunately, 5 years ago, the baseball spirit came back, the the emotional painful experiences disappeared. 

Much like baseball, the atmosphere created in a Physical Therapy center can lift or dampen your spirits.  We strive to practice practice with positive energy, empathetic programming, with some simple goals of saying hello and goodbye, thank you, while keeping your therapy essential with evidence driven care. We hope this eliminates any negative experiences you may be having with your physical injury. 

Even though we hope you never get injured, we are here if you need us.  If injury does happen, and you need to visit us, we will perform (like the current Phils!) in a way that you look forward to visiting us, no matter how physically painful our stretching may be!