Friday, June 29, 2012


10 years in business....

After careful thought, I remember the banking folks telling me the averge small business life cycle is small.  In fact, the small business administration (SBA) states that 7 our of 10 new small businesses survive after 2 years, and 50% survive to 10 years.

What did they tell me I needed in order to recieve financing to open on my own? 
  • Strong written plan
  • Rely and trust mentors to advise
  • Get some business education
  • Save for maximum ability self finance
  • Start for the right reasons, don’t expect to get rich
  • Relentlessly work to improve your management skills
  • Pick a good location
  • Study the competition
  • Pick and choose appropriate advertising
Since the beggining, our crew has practiced with:
Passion for profession:  Strong belief in our mission
Study and Significance:  Dare to make a difference when others are not
Drive and Determination:  To provide Industry Best care, not locally best care
Failure and Fortune: Learn from past, remain humble
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Now off to do our SWOT analysis!