Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Is PT worth the STATIC?

Getting started in a progressive, customer service driven Physical Therapy center is sometimes difficult, filled with static, including:
  • insurance limits
  • financial constraints
  • geographical challenges
  • and a whole lot more

Static is often worth the time and effort!

Driving home from my favorite place in the world to get away (Lake Home), my son had difficulty finding a radio station to his liking as we drove through the mountain filled country.  Hitting the seek button moved the LED digits quickly from 87 to 106 on the dial without stopping, so he took it upon himself to manually move the digits, one static filled station at a time.  Surprisingly, he settled upon a classic Charley Daniels song (The Devil Went Down to Georgia), gently tapping his foot to the floor.  (You see 15 year old boys can't show too much emotion to their Dad!)

Point it, the song was filled with static.  He could have found a much clearer song of lessor intrigue, of course with less meaning.  Many years ago, he heard the song in abundance.  Eliciting the fond memories of singing the words to Charley's song at our Lake home with his siblings and cousins, this tune was clearly worth listening to, static or not!

Does the customer experience foster your customers determination to fighe through the sometimes static help them solve their problems and take care of their needs? 

Does your business make it worth the static?