Thursday, June 14, 2012

Two Physical Therapists on your case instead of one!

At PTW, we encourage you to ask for 
TWO (2) Physical Therapists 
to follow your case 
to make sure all angles 
are covered.  

Benefits include:

  • ·      Easier scheduling:  Schedule at 6:30 am or 8 pm, and Saturdays
  • ·      More eyes on your case: No stagnant programs
  • ·      Start Now policy  (No waiting rooms!)
  • ·      One-on-one care each visit
  • ·      Ensure privacy in our PT only facilities
  • ·      No busy health clubs lines
  • ·      Stand alone buildings, private practice setting
  • ·      6 am to 8 pm hours
  • ·      12 Licensed Physical Therapists on Staff
  • ·      8 Doctors of Physical Therapy on Staff
  • ·      Privileged for Direct access, no referral needed

At PTW, you have choice:  
Ask for the same Physical Therapist each visit, 
or ask for two to meet your busy life!  

Flexibility is not just in your joint, it’s in ours too!