Monday, June 18, 2012

Take care of your joint pain - CHECK OUT YOUR BMI today

Missing time Fishing with the Grand kids this summer? 

Don't let joint pain and excess weight on a joint slow you down.

If you think you might be overweight, Go ahead and take your BMI today:

BMI is a health measure screening score designed to warn you of risks, much like blood pressure or body fat. 
Like Body Fat, your BMI is a number that evidence suggests if you fall outside the normal population, there is significant chance of systemic disease.  These diseases include:
1.  Arthritis of the joints (Osteoarthritis)
2.  High cholesterol
3.  Diabetes
4.  Heart disease
5.  Gallbladder disease
6.  Colon Cancer
7.  Stroke
If your BMI is out of the norm, consider taking a load off your joints by losing weight.

Found on facebook social media, we point you to John Hopkins to understand the consequence of too much weight on a joint (in fact, up to 4 times your body weight for each pound overweight).

Consider a visit to your local physician or Physical Therapist today (no prescription needed with advanced trained Physical Therapists in the State of Pennsylvania).

See us at to learn more about direct access Physical Therapy, which may just help you get back to fishing this summer with the grand kids!

Robert Babb, PT, MBA