Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fit to Fly 2012

Are you fit to fly in 2012?

60% of the 78 million the baby boomers have set goals to get fit in 2012. Over half of those choosing to get active have joint pain, and may need help in getting started.

In 2012, consider a true group practice, able to meet your schedule at your chosen time. With 11 Physical Therapists working together, we can meet your schedule to help your pursuit of fit to fly.

And January of 2012, we offer you complimentary one-week medically based fitness program, for you to see the difference for yourself.

Consider PTW first to help you
- Manage return to activity
- Lose weight with an aching joint
- Get strong while protecting your joints
- Get one on one care in a private practice setting

Call today (215) 855-9871 for a complimentary week to PTW, rated best PT in 2011!