Thursday, September 28, 2017

Back to School?...Don't Go with Back Pain!

Back Pack Health and Safety Tips

It is that time of year again. Everyone should know be settled into the school year so now the dreaded homework and project assignments are being piled on. For those kids affected by the Methacton School District strike, they are playing catch-up on the missed work. A major cause of muscle strain and back problems in our youth is due to overloaded backpacks.  Homework assignments and projects lead students to stuff their school bags with heavy text books and folders. Over the course of a full school year this really wears on the spine and can lead to development of scoliosis and muscle injury.

The key to a healthy spine is to balance out the load the spine receives when lifting and carrying objects.

  1.  So first, adjust the straps on the backpack so that they sit securely on your shoulders and that the backpack does not sag too low and pull your spine backward.
  2. Avoid single arm carrying of the backpack as this will through you off balance
  3. If you must take home heavy books try and carry one or two in front of you so that the backpack is lighter and now you have counter weight in the front. Ideally, a backpack should weigh only 15% of the child’s weight.
  4. Finally, if at all possible leave those heavy books at home or in school. Take advantage of the online versions of the books. So if you can use a tablet in school, load the eBook on the tablet. The same goes for home, if you need to use the book in school and don’t have a tablet at school, then load the eBook on your home computer or tablet.

Following these tips will save you from nagging muscle pain and help prevent scoliosis, which is especially common in young females. Taking care of your spine at an early age will minimize the risk of injuries later on in life.

Stop in to PTW West Norriton for more information and consultation on how to keep that young spine healthy!

PTW’s Marc Schottle, DPT is the Clinical Supervisor at our West Norriton office. For an initial evaluation, call Marc at 215 630 0101 today!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Free Healthcare for the rest of the year: Health-O-Nomics 2017

Helathcare services to consider once your deductible has been met

Health-O-Nomics 2017
Feeling pain free again without the healthcare costs!

Health care costs are at an all-time high, with no signs of relief.

Except, for some, right now, your costs are lower now than they were a few months ago!  If you have a deductible healthcare plan, your financial responsibility very well could be met for the year. 

That is good news!
This may be the time of year you get that aching knee looked at by a surgeon, and if you need surgery, consider it before the end of the year.

Or consider getting that aching back evaluated by a Physical Therapist.  You know, the soreness that keeps you from the gym, maybe that aching knee that prevents you from yard work, or the painful shoulder that keeps you up at night, there is low cost relief available right now.  

For some, there is no financial responsibility to visit a licensed professional for the benefits of:

  • Pain relief
  • Education on self-management
  • To get stronger
  • To gain flexibility

We are ready to serve and help you with Anti-Gravity Treadmills (like walking on the moon, pain free!), Aquatic Therapy, modalities for pain relief, with our Doctors of Physical Therapy who can offer solutions to improve your function and performance in 2018.

The Physical Therapy and Wellness Institute has direct access, licensed Doctors of Physical Therapy at 7 locations, where no doctor prescription is required.

What makes you feel good won’t hit you in the pocket!

Robert Babb, PT, MBA is a practicing Physical Therapist and President of the Physical Therapy & Wellness Institute serving the suburban Philadelphia area.  

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Get Knocked Down? Get Back Up Again with the Alter G!

Fall Sports Bring on Fall Injuries-We've Got You Covered!

It’s that time of year again, fall is here!  That means school sports are starting up again and with an increase in activity comes an increase in injuries.  Some injuries may be caused by a collision or may be caused by overuse, and some are more serious than others. But what are some of these injuries and what can a physical therapist do to help?

One of the most common injuries seen during preseason or through overuse during a season is Achilles tendonitis or heel pain. The NFL performed a study that found that Achilles tendonitis is the most prevalent injury amongst players, noting that 33% of these injuries occur during preseason. A physical therapist can help teach the athlete how to properly stretch the muscles that insert into the Achilles tendon and strengthen the muscle surrounding it in a safe way.  Additionally, we can perform hands on techniques to help reduce the inflammation.

Knee pain comes in second for most prevalent injury in fall athletes. Most fall sports are played on grass or turf, which can be uneven or slippery when wet. Some of these conditions or a collision can cause knee pain or potential ligament tears. A physical therapist can work to reduce the symptoms and strengthen the surrounding joints to allow for better mechanics while running on those surfaces.
These injuries may take athletes out of the game for days to weeks due to pain.  However, one of the best parts (in my opinion) of coming to PTW is access to some of the newest technology.  PTW offers 5 Alter G treadmills that these athletes can use to stay active. As I have been recovering from an ankle injury, it has helped me be able to continue to run but without the full impact or pain that I was experiencing while running on the road.
If you have any questions regarding an injury, PTW offers free 15 minute consultations to see if someone would benefit from therapy. Please contact your local PTW office to find out more. 

PTW’s Lauren Nederostek, DPT is a Staff Physical Therapist at our Montgomeryville clinic. For an initial evaluation, call Lauren at 215 855 1160 today for an appointment today or tomorrow!