Friday, June 29, 2012


10 years in business....

After careful thought, I remember the banking folks telling me the averge small business life cycle is small.  In fact, the small business administration (SBA) states that 7 our of 10 new small businesses survive after 2 years, and 50% survive to 10 years.

What did they tell me I needed in order to recieve financing to open on my own? 
  • Strong written plan
  • Rely and trust mentors to advise
  • Get some business education
  • Save for maximum ability self finance
  • Start for the right reasons, don’t expect to get rich
  • Relentlessly work to improve your management skills
  • Pick a good location
  • Study the competition
  • Pick and choose appropriate advertising
Since the beggining, our crew has practiced with:
Passion for profession:  Strong belief in our mission
Study and Significance:  Dare to make a difference when others are not
Drive and Determination:  To provide Industry Best care, not locally best care
Failure and Fortune: Learn from past, remain humble
Thanks for reading our blog!
Now off to do our SWOT analysis!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Sleeper Stretch

Watch this high school pitcher throw...wonder why a shoulder gets sore?

Back or your shoulder tight?
Throwing last night, sore shoulder?
Strained your shoulder reaching, its getting tight?

One great way to stretch your shoulder in sitting or standing is the sleeper stretch, done by most major league, minor league, college, and high school pitcher or baseball player.

See our link for video on the sleep stretch:

Stay healthy!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sentimental 10 years of Physical Therapy in the North Penn community

Forgive us if we get sentimental on you!

Its been 10 years. Several years ago, Rehabilitation today did a cool article on one of our favorite patients. 

5 years ago, a local Lansdale resident was a feature story in a national publication, Rehabilitation Today.  After interviewing Jane, they chose to label the article “The Bionic Women” after understanding Jane’s history and conquest.

At age 78, Jane Alcott has battled uterine and breast cancer, while successfully recovering from 9 major surgeries in the past 10 years.  She continues to fight, always finding ways to life functionally with her lifelong physical nemesis, rheumatoid arthritis. Diagnosed over 45 years ago by her uncle, Jane has looked Rheumatoid Arthritis straight in the eye and fought it with determination.

These days, Jane is taking life a bit slower.  Past mornings of walks along South Broad Street have been replaced with long mornings transferring out of bed and taking care of herself.  “I don’t have the energy I did at 73, but I take one day at a time, working to stay active”.

Over the last 10 years, getting to know Jane has inspired us at PTW.  Jane has deepened our understanding with the complexities of dealing with severe physical pain.  Jane she is a constant reminder of what a positive outlook on life can do for you.

Today, PTW remains committed to the people in the North Penn and surrounding communities, serving up evidence based Physical Therapy while maintaining a customer service first approach.  With more than 40 staff members, the company has expanded to 4 locations, and two partners in practice over our 10 years of operation.

Come celebrate PTW’s renewal of their 10 year commitment by attending their ribbon cutting ceremony and open house.  

When:    Thursday, July 19th, Noon

Who:      The Community PTW serves, all current and past participants of PTWs Physical Therapy, Wellness, or Fitness programs.

What:     Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, Open house, Lunch and Refreshments served, guest speakers

Where:  PTW, 730 S. Broad Street, Lansdale, Pa

RSVP's now being accepted.

More details to follow.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Take care of your joint pain - CHECK OUT YOUR BMI today

Missing time Fishing with the Grand kids this summer? 

Don't let joint pain and excess weight on a joint slow you down.

If you think you might be overweight, Go ahead and take your BMI today:

BMI is a health measure screening score designed to warn you of risks, much like blood pressure or body fat. 
Like Body Fat, your BMI is a number that evidence suggests if you fall outside the normal population, there is significant chance of systemic disease.  These diseases include:
1.  Arthritis of the joints (Osteoarthritis)
2.  High cholesterol
3.  Diabetes
4.  Heart disease
5.  Gallbladder disease
6.  Colon Cancer
7.  Stroke
If your BMI is out of the norm, consider taking a load off your joints by losing weight.

Found on facebook social media, we point you to John Hopkins to understand the consequence of too much weight on a joint (in fact, up to 4 times your body weight for each pound overweight).

Consider a visit to your local physician or Physical Therapist today (no prescription needed with advanced trained Physical Therapists in the State of Pennsylvania).

See us at to learn more about direct access Physical Therapy, which may just help you get back to fishing this summer with the grand kids!

Robert Babb, PT, MBA

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Two Physical Therapists on your case instead of one!

At PTW, we encourage you to ask for 
TWO (2) Physical Therapists 
to follow your case 
to make sure all angles 
are covered.  

Benefits include:

  • ·      Easier scheduling:  Schedule at 6:30 am or 8 pm, and Saturdays
  • ·      More eyes on your case: No stagnant programs
  • ·      Start Now policy  (No waiting rooms!)
  • ·      One-on-one care each visit
  • ·      Ensure privacy in our PT only facilities
  • ·      No busy health clubs lines
  • ·      Stand alone buildings, private practice setting
  • ·      6 am to 8 pm hours
  • ·      12 Licensed Physical Therapists on Staff
  • ·      8 Doctors of Physical Therapy on Staff
  • ·      Privileged for Direct access, no referral needed

At PTW, you have choice:  
Ask for the same Physical Therapist each visit, 
or ask for two to meet your busy life!  

Flexibility is not just in your joint, it’s in ours too!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Help Is Wanted

Great People make great organizations.

We believe we have both.

And now, we have a job for you.

Call today!

Is PT worth the STATIC?

Getting started in a progressive, customer service driven Physical Therapy center is sometimes difficult, filled with static, including:
  • insurance limits
  • financial constraints
  • geographical challenges
  • and a whole lot more

Static is often worth the time and effort!

Driving home from my favorite place in the world to get away (Lake Home), my son had difficulty finding a radio station to his liking as we drove through the mountain filled country.  Hitting the seek button moved the LED digits quickly from 87 to 106 on the dial without stopping, so he took it upon himself to manually move the digits, one static filled station at a time.  Surprisingly, he settled upon a classic Charley Daniels song (The Devil Went Down to Georgia), gently tapping his foot to the floor.  (You see 15 year old boys can't show too much emotion to their Dad!)

Point it, the song was filled with static.  He could have found a much clearer song of lessor intrigue, of course with less meaning.  Many years ago, he heard the song in abundance.  Eliciting the fond memories of singing the words to Charley's song at our Lake home with his siblings and cousins, this tune was clearly worth listening to, static or not!

Does the customer experience foster your customers determination to fighe through the sometimes static help them solve their problems and take care of their needs? 

Does your business make it worth the static?  

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cold Shoulder? Pain will drive you crazy!

Don't let the shoulder pain drive you crazy.  Day in, day out, the soreness, tightness, or pain in the shoulder can be alleviated.

Doctors of Physical Therapy with direct access (no-prescription needed) at PTW can help you before your shoulder becomes a frozen mess.  See the link below.

For a complimentary evaluation of your shoulder, call 215 855 9871 today for us to take a peek at your shoulder and discuss the options of treatment.