Thursday, August 30, 2012

Parkinsons Puzzle with Wii

Septembers Physical Therapy Journal:
"Use of a cane improved recovery from a slip with people with Parkinson Disease"
"Balance with people with Parkenson Disease can be improved with repeated perturbation training"
Perturbation training can be described as:
Controlled, unpredictable forces directed to an unstable surface for improve ability to stabilize with muscle contractions. 
If you haven't tried the Wii Fit, a perturbation freindly device created to improve balance, feel free to stop in PTW Lansdale for a free demonstration. 

PTW, located in Lansdale, Quakertown, Montgomeryville, and West Norriton, has been rated North Penn's Best PT for 10 consecutive years.  With over 12 Physical Therapists and a staff of 43, PTW is your local body repair stop!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Physical Therapist are Rock Stars!

After attending a great concert last weekend, I drove home realizing that a great concert is like a great Physical Therapy visit. 

The PTW Crew ROCKS!!!
You pay your admission (you pay the co-pay), you experience something energizing, fun, and healing, all just before you drive home with a smile on your face wishing for more.

A master clinician is in control of their domain at all times.  Coordinating the care of patients, leaning on the so valuable clinical and administrative support staff for so many tasks.  Busy days include managing a sometimes crowd at the front desk, maximizing the physical resources available to them to conduct an excellent visit,  remaining flexible for late or early patients, all this while delivering care that exceeds expectations of the paying customers.

The same paying customers that visit the seasoned professionals playing some southern rock get to see the musician control their domain in a similar fashion. 

A great musician will seamlessly coordinate the flow of music, lean on the support staff including back stage, background musicians, and sound crew.  The sometimes hectic time continues while having to manage the crowd, maximizing the bands individual talents and each piece of musical equipment for and excellent performance, doing this while remaining flexible to the weather, the lights on stage going out, all for the delight of the paying customers.

The thread that connects the skilled musician and the skilled Physical Therapist is their ability to understand what the customers want and expect, then delivering a great performance (visit) by managing the tools around them for success. 

Over deliver, and they will come back for more with a smile on their face!

Keep up the good therapy!