Friday, November 9, 2012

PTW Different

What makes PTW different is not:

- the care, all Physical Therapist go to school for 7 years to learn how to take care of joint pain

- the delivery, all Outpatient Physical Therapy is delivered in a similar style

- the 2 on 1 TEAM: we claim it, but truth is, most heads-up clinics practice it, so you can be seen before work at 7 am or 7pm, with a different PT, seeing a "TEAM" of 2 Physical Therapist

What makes PTW different is:

- They CARE:  From our high school help to our top level executives, passion for PT rules

- They DELIVER:  7:15 am appt, your late, don't worry, we will figure it out.  Flexible staff, respectful of your time, with no waiting time to start your treatment

- The 2 on 1 TEAM is seamlessly integrated by electronic medical records now, so a Professional Physical Therapist can see you last treatment in Lansdale as they prepare for your treatment in West Norriton

Working tirelessly to make your experience "Industry Best" is how we live!

Call PTW if you need us, 5 locations, 7 to 7 hours, energy driven care with your end result always in mind.