Thursday, August 30, 2018

Medication use and misuse, lets get rid of your pain the right way

Medication use and misuse
lets get rid of your pain the right way

Legal action against opioid manufacturers in the United States are a positive step towards safer treatment of joint and spine pain.

Currently, there are over 20 states involved in litigation with opioid manufacturers and distributors, while many other states are close to follow. The claims against opioid manufacturers often allege that the companies engaged in deceptive marketing practices by exaggerating the benefits of opioids and understating their potent risk for addiction in violation of state consumer protection laws. Other legal theories include false claims, unjust enrichment, fraud, public nuisance, and negligence. There are some differences across state complaints.

Opioid overdose rates in this country are growing yearly, with Pennsylvania in the mix as one of the top states losing lives to overdoses.

Its expected the guidelines on pain management and prescription of opioids will tighten, directing patients towards more holistic ways of controlling their pain such as Physical Therapy.

Physical Therapy modalities and treatment strategies to control and lessen pain while improving quality of life and function include:

§  Aquatic Therapy

·        deep water, remove compressive forces, removes joint pain/back pain
§  AlterG Anti Gravity work
·        unloads joints to less than 20% of your weight, helping you improve strength pain free
§  Electrical Stimulation
·        Reduces pain, breaks the pain cycle for a period of time, much like a dose of medication
§  Ultrasound
·        deep heating elements, in many cases reducing pain and increasing mobility
§  Manual Mobilizations
·      Trained manual Therapist perform Grade I/II joint mobilizations which increase elasticity of a joint, reducing pain
§  Manual Soft tissue mobilizations/massage
·         Types of massage and soft tissue mobilizations reduce soft tissue pain

PTW is proud to lead a local charge for community education on opioid abuse, misuse, and solutions. 

The Physical Therapy & Wellness Institute has provided pain relief for folks since 2002.  With a staff of 27 Physical Therapist, in nine clinics, equipped with Aquatic Therapy and AlterG equipment, you can be assured we will do whatever it takes to help reduce your pain, and play our part in helping reduce opioid use!