Saturday, September 29, 2012


Zig Ziglar, years ago a frequent read (and listening pleasure on my radio), often discussed ideas of peak performance.  

He believes that reaching peak performance in business or life requires a mind that elevates you. For that elevation, there needs to be a purpose.

Physical Therapist all have a common purpose, which it to help others achieve higher levels of function and performance.   Those suffering from joint pain, dysfunction, or loss of physical abilities benefit greatly from the energy, passion, and education a good Physical Therapist can offer with each visit.

The Physical Therapy and Wellness Institute is proud and honored to be part of the lives of 5 communities, sharing patients with over 550 doctors, and having positive influence on over 3000 new people per year. 

For those who know us, thank you for your trust in our profession, trust in our people, and trust in our ability to guide to higher levels of PEAK performance. 

For those who have yet experience us, give us a call to see how a Physical Therapist can make your life better.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Paster PT, PTW, and Attitudes

So many great attitudes going on in our Glenside office.  Larry set us up well,
setting the positive tone each day with a smile and a "today is great" attitude.
It has made the change of organizations almost seamless.

With change, remaining open to new ideas is attitude,
proportional to the success of the staff and company.

 The busy pace of your life pulls you like the rope in a good of tug-a-war,
and how you respond depends on whether your rope frays or stays strong.

Your choice to respond or react often differentiates a good day or bad day.
The differentiation factor is attitude.

If you have read anything on Charles Swindoll, you know his writing on Attitude.

Swindoll stated attitude is more important than past education, than money, circumstances, success or failure, or even what other people think.  He writes it will make or break a home, church, or your company!

We cannot change the environment, the people, or the past, but we do have a choice everyday regarding our attitude we will embrace for that day

Life is 10% of what happens to us and 90% of how we react to it.

We are in charge of our own attitudes, and it feels really cool!!!