Thursday, June 20, 2013

North Penn's Physical Therapy: Best of is PTW

North Penn Physical Therapy's Best:  Best again is PTW

Best PT since :

Unique group practice
13 Physical Therapist, 5 locations
One on one, hands on care, every visit
No health club sweat, waiting in line for your next exercise
2 on 1 PT to patient ratio:  Schedule at 6 am or 6 pm, constant and progressive plans every visit


Your goals are our goals, from Tennis, to basketball, to simply getting up stairs again.

So, you have "THE RIGHT TO REMAIN IN PAIN" by going elsewhere, but....

why would you??

Call today for relief tomorrow.

(215) 855 9871

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Smart thinkers are busy

Simple specialty equipment you offer can make or break a customer's decision to stay with your business or go. 
In our business, helping others achieve higher levels of function and performance with or without joint pain or surgery, we are challenged every initial evaluation, every visit, every conversation, to think how we can get you better.  Add in the  population that dominates todays spenders (Baby Boomers),  you quickly understand that weight cuffs, straight leg raises, and bands that dominate the novice thinking PTs motivate only a few, since this active population wants performance from their body.
Progressive and smart thinking Physical Therapists maximize use of the equipment around them to help you achieve higher levels of performance. The most heads up businesses demonstrate a staff that thinks outside the box.  Industry leading and evidenced based Physical Therapy will be armed with simple (but special and specific) equipment, creative ideas, and near daily progressions to excite and motivate the achy baby boomer or even the most sophisticated athlete.  As a result, expect smart thinking Physical Therapists to be busy, because they will always be in demand.