Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Is this the Calm before the storm?
Some say Doomsday is upon us.

The folks at the Physical Therapy & Wellness Institute will be performing complimentary fitness screenings and full access PHYSICAL THERAPY EVALUTIONS for the general public who suffers from joint, neck, or back pain on Friday, December 21st.

Dont let doomsday come while your in joint pain, get relief before the big event!
Call today at 215 855 9871 to schedule your Doomsday Eval or screening!!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Fit to Fly

Santa Clause is Now Cleared to Fly!

Kick off the holiday season with a Gift Card to a loved one.

Pick up a card in any of our 5 locations, GREAT STOCKING STUFFER!

Give to a loved one for reduce co-pays, deductables for their Physical Therapy, so they can clean the house without your help!

Give a neighbor to kick start them to health, so they can cut the lawn!

Call  215 855 9871 for more information on our gift cards.

Is the world coming to an end?

Its not over!

You'll wake up sometime in the next two weeks, and say to yourself, "I am still here, the world hasn't ended, Its not over".  Your plug in your gadget to listen to some Rolling Stones or Bruce Springsteen, then, grab your coffee, drive to work, do your stuff, come home, spend time with loved ones, and do it all over again.  Good chance this will continue for many decades to come.

Regardless, to see if the world does end someday, you will need to take care of those ol creeky joints at a place that can help.  Joint Pain can cause dysfunction, get to an authority on functional movement and the musculoskeletal system before you lose function.

Consider PTW for your neck, back, or joint pain needs, before or after surgery, before or after injury.  We are always there to servce, early morning and evening hours in 5 locations.

See more on us at www.ptwinstitute.com

Happy Holidays!